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A work place for good


We think long-term about relations with employees and offer attractive terms of employment and opportunities of development. The key qualities of a stable work place at ZT „Kruszwica” S.A. include: a broad range of employment areas, good terms of employment, and long-term investment in the development of employees. For many employees who begin their career at ZT „Kruszwica” S.A., the company has been the place of professional development, often opening the door to the international organisation of Bunge Group.

At ZT Kruszwica S.A., we follow values shared by all companies of Bunge Group world-wide. These values are the foundation and a guarantee of success of our unique operational model. They include:

  • Integrity. Honesty and fairness guide our every action.
  • Openness and Trust. We are open to other ideas and opinions, and we trust our colleagues.
  • Teamwork. We value individual excellence and work as a team.
  • Entrepreneurship. We prize individual initiative to meet opportunities and deliver results.
  • Citizenship. We contribute to the development of individuals and the social and economic fabric od our communities, and we act as stewards of the environment.