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Professional fats


In order to meet the expectations of the market, we offer solutions for the industries of confectionery and gastronomy.

Based on our extensive experience and close contact with our clients, we create products in line with the latest market trends to meet the expectations of our clients.

Our offer encompasses a broad range of professional fats, including products:

  • without hardened fat,
  • with trace quantities of trans isomers,
  • without preservatives, artificial flavours and dyes,
  • without palm oil,
  • „clean label” – with a minimal amount of ingredients,
  • Mass Balance – made of certified crops.

Our products are the result of full control over all the stages of the oil plant processing procedure, choosing only the best raw material suppliers, the highest production standards, confirmed by international quality certificates and passion.

Our value proposition also entails extensive competence support for confectioners and bakers in their business.

Thanks to our Master’s Academy – an initiative aimed at the development of confectionery and bakery sectors – confectioners and bakers can take advantage of numerous confectionery and business training courses, both intramural and online – as well as participate in other initiatives, including industry seminars, competitions and inspiring meetings with internationally renowned chefs and confectioners.