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Business lines


From farm to fork, we are committed to supporting the entire supply chain of our products.

The comprehensive business model of ZT Kruszwica S.A. is unique in Poland, integrating the entire supply chain of vegetable oil production: from farming to processing to manufacturing and distribution of end products, which means that we are in control of top quality commodities for production and the product brands we market.

Our key business lines include:

  • Agro - procurement and processing of rapeseed, production of crude rapeseed oil, production of rapeseed meal, trade and distribution
  • Food - production of consumer margarines and oils, production of professional margarines and vegetable oils, trade and distribution

Our market position relies on natural plant-based raw materials, reliable and safe manufacturing processes, and top quality products. We continuously strive to upgrade the production process by investing in new technologies and expanding the capacity of our production plants. We are a product innovator, providing customers with an ever expanding product range.