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Market leader


We are an agribusiness and food leader in Poland.

ZT Kruszwica S.A. is a processor of oil seeds and manufacturer of vegetable fats: the biggest in Poland and one of the biggest in Central Europe.

We specialise in the production of bottled oils, margarines, fats for bakeries and confectionaries, and products for the biofuel and feed industry.

Our market success relies on 60 years of production at the Kruszwica plan as well as the consolidation and potential of key producers in Poland.

With the professional investor Bunge, we have over the years expanded our scale by acquiring and merging with Ewico Sp. z o.o., ZPT Olvit Sp. z o.o., ZPT Warszawa S.A. and others.

The merged company is one of the biggest agribusiness and food producers in Poland and in Central and Eastern Europe. We create value for clients, shareholders and the community.